We look forward to servicing you. Please fully review the following: 


  • Hair must be clean and have no product in it. There will be a fee of $20 added to your appointment for any form of hair cleansing the barber has to do. If your hair is not clean, our advice is to wash your hair the night before your appointment and do not put anything in your hair until after you get your hair cut.


  • Remember, the appointment times can vary and the barber may be running behind. We appreciate your patience in those cases.
  • If the client is 10 minutes or more late, that appointment will be cancelled and the client will be charged a no show/cancellation fee, and will need to reschedule their appointment. 
  • If the client is a no-call/no-show, that client will no longer be able to book a service with us until the no-call/no-show fee is paid in full. 
  • Please wait in your vehicle until the time of your haircut to limit interaction with others.
  • All children must be accompanied to the rest room by a responsible adult.
  • Do not sit in the barber chair unless you are being serviced. 
  • What you booked online is the service you will receive. (Ex: you can not credible a shape up and then want a fade. The times for scheduling are built around the services duration.)


  • If you are feeling sick, please reschedule your appointment.  
  • If you exhibit symptoms of a cold/flu/COVID, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be responsible for the mandatory no show/cancellation fee of $55. 
  • Please complete our mandatory COVID questionnaire prior to your appointment, NO EXCEPTIONS. If we do not receive your questionnaire before your appointment, you will be required to complete it before we can service you. If you are unvaccinated, you will be required to keep your mask on for the entire duration of your visit, NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Unvaccinated persons will not be able to have their beards trimmed.