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Channing FadeUm is a dedicated Master Barber located in White Plains, MD. He has been cutting hair for over 20 years and has been a licensed barber since 2019. Currently cutting out of 5-Star Barber Shop, On Set Barber Shop, he boasts over 6,000 hair cuts and over 1,000 unique clients.

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Teaching, Speaking, Motivation.

Channing FadeUm is the founder of Charles County Public Schools first barbering program, which is a part of the CTE Program housed at The Robert D. Stethem Educational Center in Pomfret, MD. On a daily basis, Channing FadeUm teaches high school Juniors and Seniors the skill of barbering, preparing over 40 students each year to pass the Maryland State Board of Barbering Exam.

Most who have come across Channing FadeUm all say the same thing, “He is MOTIVATION!” Speaking positivity into the lives of others is what motivates the Master Barber to continue barbering in the community. Touching the lives of the youth through barbering is important!

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