Why Advertise in the Barber Shop??

Advertising in a barber shop is equally as good as advertising on TV. You’ve got a select audience, sitting in one space, tuned in to whats going on immediately in front of them. The barber shop represencts looking good and feeling good. What do people do when they feel good? Spend money. Subliminally get them to spend with you by putting your ad in our barber shop or on our website TODAY!!! It is our goal to serve this community and shine light on your business through ours!!

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Ad Stats

Take a close look at the statistics for advertisements from 2020. 

of consumers who search for a local business on their mobile call or visit that business within a day.

Of  consumers make purchases from physical advertisements they see in other businesses

of people who own businesses support other businesses. 


Your advertisement being posted in the barbershop doesnt stop there. We take care of our ad sponsors. 


Discounted Services

Our Ad Sponsors all receive a loyalty discount for being a part of our team! We want you to look the best you can when you are making money!


6 Month / 1 Year Discount

The longer you run your ads with us, the more money you save on them. We know social media exists, but seeing ads in real time is also effective!

Pricing Options

The longer you run the ad, the more money you save. 



per month

  • Client Visibility
  • Coupon Offers
  • Networking
  • In-Shop Ad Space
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