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On Set Barbershop, is a modern barber shop that offers today’s gentlemen a setting where they can sit back, relax and experience the “New Age” style of male grooming services. On-Set Barbershop is aimed towards today’s business professional, family oriented, urban market and a discerning customer base that will add tremendous value to the local community. The combination of “World Class Services” and comforting atmosphere will firmly establish On-Set Barbershop as the place where today’s gentlemen in the Charles County, MD area can come relax and receive quality grooming services. We intend for our business to become very profitable, by focusing on increasing the client base through extraordinary customer service, making it the sought after destination for a wide variety of customers. Being a native resident of the Southern Maryland area for over 30 years, gives us an advantage over new startup businesses that lack that connection to both people and businesses in the local community. Our goal, beyond becoming a profitable business, is becoming a trusted place whereby the clients in our community can come to relax their minds and bodies and network with their friends and colleagues.